George on the Issues

Economy and Jobs

I will never forget when my brother lost his job and left Upstate New York for the south along with his family. Watching my parents hold back their tears as their grandchildren boarded a plane is a scene similar to what too many of us have seen here in our area.

New York State government policies are a huge part of this problem. Albany is so dysfunctional that I believe one of our best hopes for Upstate New York is to continue to push for reforms on the federal level.

In Congress I will continue to fight the tax and regulatory burden that is holding our nation back. And I believe we need stronger policies to empower and mandate work for those on welfare. There is dignity in work and we need to work to ensure that everyone who is able bodied and healthy is working.

Health Care

Health insurance costs are simply staggering. Our family couldn’t afford a $30,000 per year health care plan recently offered by my previous employer --- even with the employer paying a large percentage --- so we have enrolled in a unique health care partnership where members share bills.

All Americans need more choices in the healthcare industry. More health insurance and health care options will lower costs and improve the quality of care.

My mother was a breast cancer survivor. Her and my brother both suffered from long, costly illnesses that eventually took their lives. I will fight to ensure that every American has access to affordable health care, that no one is left untreated and that all Americans have more choices in health insurance.

The National Debt

The fact that we have now have a national debt of over $22 trillion is simply outrageous and the fault of years of failed Washington policies. We are forfeiting our future and that of our children and our grandchildren. I believe we need to devise a bold plan to rein in out of control spending and debt that every member of Congress should contribute to. Washington politicians need to stop spending other people's’ money.

National Security & Immigration

The greatest responsible of our national government is to defend its citizens. The threat of terrorism and another horrific terrorist-attacks looms large.

In Congress I will do whatever I can to help ensure our military, border security and law enforcement have the resources and support to keep our citizens safe. This starts by supporting so many of the men and women in our district who are working as defense contracts in important industries.

National Security includes stopping illegal immigration and dangerous drug dealers at our border. It is absolutely pathetic that a nation with such wealth, sophistication and technology cannot secure our border.

I support all efforts to secure our borders but we need to do even more. This includes implementing a much stronger E-Verify system through which we ensure those working here are working legally.


As a Congressional aide, I was truly honored to serve for a Congressman who Chaired the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. It was amazing to see Veterans from the Greatest Generation, Korea, Vietnam and the current war on terrorism come into our office on a daily basis.

As a teacher, some of my most important lessons for my students have been on Veterans Day, Memorial Day and many other occasions when we have focused on the heroism of Veterans in general and the tremendous importance of honoring those have given and risked their lives for our nation.

In Congress I plan on being a champion for Veterans --- who have given and risked so much for all of us.

The Opioid Crisis

I first learned of the horror of illegal drugs from my older brother who was a drug abuse counselor. Today, almost every single one of us knows a person or family who is suffering from the opioid crisis.

I strongly support efforts of law enforcement and counselors to address this crisis. I also believe we need to demand that the government of Mexico do more to destroy opium crops at their source and will make this a priority in Congress.

The Constitution

As an American History teacher who teaches the Constitution, I know all too well that Washington politicians have strayed from the Constitution. They have continually sought to please Washington special interest groups rather than abide by their Constitutional mandate.

The lessons of straying from a limited government that defends taxpayers is seen tragically here in New York State. We spend nearly twice as much as the State of Florida even though Florida has a high population. Business and people keep leaving.

In Congress I will full heartedly honor my pledge to honor and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

The 2nd Amendment

As an American History teacher who teaches the Constitution, I strongly support the right of citizens to bear arms as clearly stated in the 2nd Amendment.

The SAFE Act in New York violates the rights of law-abiding citizens while criminals continue to get arms illegally. I am frightened by the fact that when the government takes some rights away from citizens, it can take others.

I strongly support the efforts of law enforcement to combat criminals who misuse firearms.

I am pleased that more school are hiring resource offices and security and I support efforts to address mental health issues that are at the root of mass shootings.

Stand with George